Hey hey peeps! If you missed my cam show last night, here’s some updates going on with me. My 23rd birthday is right around the corner!! I can’t say i’m thrilled about getting older BUT i am excited to do a sexy birthday photo set & video for my members =) I’m thinking cupcakes with lots of icing, icing i can lick and smear all over…;) My birthday is on the 25th & i have lots of goodies on my wishlist that would make me very very happy. I absolutely love presents & goodies from you guys, it really brightens my day. I’m going to be getting laser hair removal as a present to myself haha. More importantly, on the 17th i start COLLEGE! Im so excited! I will be a full time student & model =) I will be a busy bee, but i can promise i will still make time for you guys =D blogs, camming, photos, videos..nothing will be left behind. Tomorrow is New Years Eve, i wanted to wish everyone a happy & safe Holiday. I have no plans yet, you guys know im just a big homebody but i might go out & have a lil fun, if i do i will take some pics for a future blog. See ya!
PS. Here is some pics i posted on my twitter and facebook. I decided to include them here in case u don’t follow me =D