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Free Sexy Wallpapers!

Hey guys check out the sexy wallpapers that @oneadm made for me. I’ve got one of them up as my Twitter background at the moment. Now you can stare at me everytime you turn your computer on!! :-)
Note: The last one has had all my naughty bits edited out just in case you want to use it where they don’t allow nudity!! :-)

See what you’re missing!!

I thought I would give all the guys that haven’t yet signed up to my site a little preview of what goes on in my weekly, hour long member shows, so they can see what it is they’re missing!!
If you like the screen caps imagine what it would be like seeing my shows live!! And remember all my shows are archived and available for download so you can watch them back over and over and over again!! xo

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Briana Lee Wallpapers

Hey Friends,
Big thanks to @itsfuckingporn (over on twitter) who made me three sexy wallpapers. I wanted to share them with you so that you could all use them! I LOVE fan art! P.S. THESE ARE ALL PICS USED FROM PHOTOS INSIDE MY MEMBERS AREA ;)
xoxo Bri


A Day At Work

I love my job. Both of them! Modeling is full time for me & i can’t get enough. The pics, videos, webcam..its all so much fun. Bartending is great because i get to socialize with people and i’m the life of the party =) I only bartend one day a week because between modeling and taking care of everyday tasks, i don’t have a ton of free time. Working at my bar is the most fun ive ever had at a job. I can do whatever i want the whole time lol. Its always a blast, i don’t even consider it work lol. I’m not sure if i will continue to bartend when i start school considering ill be a full time student and im going to want all my time off i can possibly get, but until then i’m still servin up the beers and laughs =D I love the football crowd we get on the weekends. We have over 20 flat screen tv’s with different games on almost all of them lol. In these pics im wearing my NFL Saints t-shirt. I have a bunch of different NFL team shirts on my wishlist. Purchase me one & ill send you a pic or two of me wearing it =)


Good Afternoon!

Good afternoon my friends =)

I wanted to share an awesome wallpaper an amazing fan made for me!! It’s a pretty hot little wallpaper you can set as your desktop background =) I shared it on twitter and a few people wrote me to tell me it’s now their computer and phone wallpaper! LOL how awesome. Heres a few cute & sexy candid pics for some eye candy <3


Baby it’s so cold!

Layers, hats, gloves, oh my!! No matter what i still get cold just walking to my car. Winter is definitely here. Is it just me or does it feel like summer just ended!? I’ve been living for 22 ( almost 23 ) years & i’m still amazed at how fast every single day goes by. My memories of past holidays are so fresh in my mind, its like they happened yesterday! & before i know it, Christmas 2010 will be here! I hope you are all doing something exciting for it. Ill be in Colorado ( my first CO adventure ) at my sisters house with my immediate family. My sister is a big snowboarder, i’ve never tried is but im sure she will want to drag me out on the slopes. I’m sooo not a snow person lol. Call me a princess but i prefer the warmth of the sun .Anyways, today I went to the mall to finish getting some stocking stuffers & now i can happily say i am finished buying for everyone on my list. I love giving just as much as i like receiving =) I came home and cooked one of my most favorite chile chicken enchiladas. Super easy and super tasty. I top mine with tomatoes, shredded lettuce & sour cream. If you don’t know by now, i love food, i love to cook and bake and host events, like family dinners or pot lucks. Small social gatherings are really enjoyable for me. Anywho, i hope you all are staying warm!! The Christmas spirit is in the cocoa, fuzzy house shoes, the glow of the Christmas tree..i love xmas time!! I will make sure to blog before i leave for CO. I should do a video blog of me packing lol, i don’t travel lightly. XOXO Bri



That was my bowling score. Not bad for someone as inexperienced as me. I rarely bowl but when I do I am competitive and get really angry when i don’t knock over at least half the pins. I was pleasantly pleased with my score & i even came in first =) It would be kickass to be part of a bowling league and get my own shoes & ball, i would really consider it if i had someone i knew to do it with lol. So after bowling my friends & i went to one of our favorite restaurants for some grub & inside they had some really awesome gingerbread houses on display that were made by local kids. I was really impressed! I personally have never made a good looking ginger bread house so i can only imagine how tedious and time consuming it was to make such a structure. Pretty neat huh? Very festive =) Anywho, enjoy my little video & pics. xoxoxo Bri

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Inked Magazine

I know a lot of you don’t have a twitter so maybe you weren’t able to see my magazine pics i shared. I made it into Inked Girls Magazine with my very own spread =D I don’t have as many tattoos as a lot of these girls but i did take some of my photos in a tattoo shop & i think the editors really liked my style. You can get your copy on stands now & ill be happy to autograph it if you send it my way. Thanks for your love & support always.

<3 Bri


Welcome to my brand new site!

Hello & welcome to my brand new site! Most of you may know of me from my previous website where i made my debut on the internet but, now i am all grown up and ready to show you a whole new me!  I have been working very hard on this website to bring you HOT, never before seen topless photos and videos for your viewing pleasure. I will be updating my site weekly with goodies & you will have access to everything by joining. I’m more then just a pretty face, i get up close and personal in my live cam shows and blogs sharing all kinds of details about my life. You can expect to get to know me very well =) Stay tuned for LOTS in store. Now stop reading and go become a member…lol  Much Love from yours truly  Briana Leereading and go become a member…lol  Much Love from yours truly  Briana Lee