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May Preview!

Thank you to everyone that Voted!


Upcoming Appearances!

Hi Guys,

So I thought I’d let you know of a couple of appearances I’m gonna be making over the next few weeks. It gives you guys a chance to come out and say Hi! :-)

First of all, on May 17th, I’ll be at The Social House in Soulard, STL as a special guest on a special broadcast of The Big Show from For those of you that heard my first appearance on the show you know what a good time it is!!

Then I’ll be back at The Social House for the huge Bikini Contest that they’re running.  I’ll be there on the May 25th for the semi-finals and on June 2nd for the finals!!

So if you are local or even if your not come out and see me!  I’d love to see you & both events are gonna be an absolute blast!!

Hopefully I’ll see you there…..

Bri xo

April Preview!


The Thom and Jeff Show 2!!

Hey Guys,
A couple of weeks ago I was back on The Thom and Jeff Show.  I had so much fun the first time I was on there I just had to go back & see the guys.

We talked about alot of fun and sexy stuff and I had a great time again!  If you haven’t already listened to the podcast you can download it here.

The whole thing was videod and this should be released soon.  As soon as it is I’ll get it posted here.  At the end of the show I gave the guys a few ‘Free Previews’ and shot some sexy pics.  Here’s a couple of them:

I hope to go back on there real soon!

Enjoy the podcast guys!

Bri xo


This Weeks Auction!

Hey guys
So this weeks auction on is for my sexy little white Chemise that I wore in a shoot for my site. I’ve also worn in a couple times on cam as well including my member show last week!
Here’s some pics from the photo set that I wore it in:

I can either send it to you washed or unwashed, I can even sleep in it the night before I ship it out to you if you want me to! :)

Take a look at the auction here:,AuctionDetails/pid,39389

And remember you get a free signed 8×10 with every auction item that I sell!!

Happy Bidding!

Bri xo

February Preview!


Weekly Auctions!

So I decided it was finally time to clear my closet out the other day as I was tired of not being able to find what I wanted!!  But I decided that, instead of throwing the stuff out, I would give you guys the chance to own some of the things I found.  You would not believe how many guys ask to buy my outfits & lingerie, so here’s your oppurtunity!

As I said in my previous blog, I signed up to which is an auction site, run by models, specifically designed for other models to sell all kinds of goodies on.  I’ve decided to keep it to one auction a week at the mo & see how things go.

My first auction is running now & is for this blue dress that I wore in one of my first shoots on

To view & bid on the auction just click on this link:,AuctionDetails/pid,39170

I will also be including a signed 8×10 in the auction as well!!

Make sure to keep an eye on my Twitter to keep up to date on what it is I’ve currently got auctioning.  And if you’re not yet following me on Twitter…why not?!  :-)   It’s the best way to keep up to date on what is going on in my life & what appearences I’m going to be making over the next few months.

Happy Bidding guys!!

Bri xo

8 x 10s

New Merchandise!

Hey guys,

So this week I received my new 8 x 10 photos and some posters that I ordered!!  I think they came out pretty well!  Check them out:

I think the last 2 would make great wallpapers don’t you?! 

Ok so all the 8 x 10s are $15.00 each and the posters are $20.00 each, both are signed of course.  Or you can have 1 of each for only $30.00!!  This includes shipping to the US.  If you are outside the US let me know & I’ll give you a price for the shipping to your part of the world.  I’m thinking about getting a full 12 Month Wall Calender printed as well.  What do you guys think?  Good idea? 

If you want to purchase any of the above then just pop me an email at

I’ve also just signed up to!!  It’s an auction site designed especially for adult models to sell all sorts of sexy items.  I’m going to be auctioning off some of the outfits that I’ve shot in for my site and also some sexy underwear of mine as well.  =)  So if you want to own a little piece of my life then keep your eyes peeled for that.  I’ll let you guys know when my account has been activated & I start my first auction on there!!  UPDATE:  Check out my first auction here:,AuctionDetails/pid,39170

Much love,

Bri xo

January Preview!