Layers, hats, gloves, oh my!! No matter what i still get cold just walking to my car. Winter is definitely here. Is it just me or does it feel like summer just ended!? I’ve been living for 22 ( almost 23 ) years & i’m still amazed at how fast every single day goes by. My memories of past holidays are so fresh in my mind, its like they happened yesterday! & before i know it, Christmas 2010 will be here! I hope you are all doing something exciting for it. Ill be in Colorado ( my first CO adventure ) at my sisters house with my immediate family. My sister is a big snowboarder, i’ve never tried is but im sure she will want to drag me out on the slopes. I’m sooo not a snow person lol. Call me a princess but i prefer the warmth of the sun .Anyways, today I went to the mall to finish getting some stocking stuffers & now i can happily say i am finished buying for everyone on my list. I love giving just as much as i like receiving =) I came home and cooked one of my most favorite chile chicken enchiladas. Super easy and super tasty. I top mine with tomatoes, shredded lettuce & sour cream. If you don’t know by now, i love food, i love to cook and bake and host events, like family dinners or pot lucks. Small social gatherings are really enjoyable for me. Anywho, i hope you all are staying warm!! The Christmas spirit is in the cocoa, fuzzy house shoes, the glow of the Christmas tree..i love xmas time!! I will make sure to blog before i leave for CO. I should do a video blog of me packing lol, i don’t travel lightly. XOXO Bri