Hey hey happy Monday! It’s a stressful Monday for me. I have been a busy bee between work and trying to get into college for spring semester. I hate enrollment/registration process of school, its the biggest pain in the ass. Last week i sat in the counselors office for 3 hours waiting to be seen. Tonight i have to go in to take my placement test to make sure i am eligible for my program. I am going to school to be a Sign Language teacher. Some of you may remember me talking about how im learning sign and i’m sure you see my posts on twitter about studying and meeting with my tutor. I know a good amount so i should be able to test out of some lower level classes. School doesnt actually begin till Jan 15th which is only a few days before my birthday hehe =) But new student registration has already began. I think ill add some school supplies to my wish list lol. Anywho, i mentioned ive been busy with work as well. Ive been shooting a ton and finding some awesome locations to do future photos and videos at. Here is a teaser pic from my sexy dining room set. PS i hope you liked my kinky kitty Halloween set, i had a good time shooting it. I wore that costume in a 3 round bikini contest that i competed in & i did win 1st place =) Ill see you guys this Wednesday for my cam chat! – Bri