Spring is officially here! No more snow, but i anticipate those spring showers soon. The weather has been beautiful! It was 84 on St. Patrick’s Day! I had spring break which kinda sucked because even though i was off from school, i was sick for most of it =( I hardly had any fun…quite depressing =( School kicked back up, only 6 weeks till the end of the semester! I am busier than ever! My site is going strong, ive been shooting a lot for it. You guys know i love keeping you updated on my life, i stay active on my twitter, facebook and my blog of course =D I had a shoot for Cruisin the Streets magazine and i did photos for Aggressive Army’s clothing line as well. luckily it was lovely outside. I hope to get more pics back to share, here’s a pic i took with a race car. The other pic is from my spring break. I hope by now you have all purchased my blowjob photos..i have had nothing but very positive feedback from them!! Worth every penny =) Thanks for always giving me your love and support, i couldn’t do it without you!
Yours truly, Bri