Good evening blog readers! Tonight i bring to you a sneak peek picture of an up & coming photo set/video that was shot in a lovely suit on the 9th floor. This place was pretty amazing, i snapped a few pics of the downtown St.Louis Arch view as well. It was kind of a pain to shoot here but i did it just for my members, i wanted some amazing pics so i could have you guys smiling..( smiling naked hopefully LMAO ;) So i started school already, back to balancing work, school, the gym, errands, and my personal life ( or there lack of! lol ) I’m pretty lame if you didn’t know already haha. I’m going to be in Chicago a lot this summer, some of you are already marking your calendars to come meet me! I can’t wait! Stay updated with me on twitter and in my cam shows.. Ill also be posting another blog later this week w/ previews of my yummy blowjob video that is going to be out for sale very soon! XO Bri REMEMBER this is not the actual size or quality of the photos in my members area..these photos are also completely RAW & UNPHOTOSHOPPED