Hey Guys
So I’m super excited….On Wednesday 14th December I’ll be appearing on the Thom and Jeff Show which is an adult chat show, kinda like Howard Stern!! They used to be on 1057 the point but now they have their own show!! They are known for being direct and to the point and don’t pull any punches so I can guarantee you it’s going to be entertaining!!! Haha!!

Anyone can listen in as well as once the show is over the podcast is straight away uploaded to their site and you can download it instantly, wherever you are in the world.

Go check out their website http://thethomandjeffshow.com where you can download previous shows which will show you what to expect from the show I’m going to be on!!
There will also be a video of me in the studio as well which will also be available to download!! Don’t miss it guys it’s gonna be lots of fun!!!!
Update: Download the podcast here now!!!!

I’ve also been shooting some new EXTREMELY hot pictures and videos for my site over the past few days. I’ll post a quick preview for you all soon, for now though here’s some of the recent hot Twitter pictures I’ve posted!!

Enjoy! Bri xo