I love my job. Both of them! Modeling is full time for me & i can’t get enough. The pics, videos, webcam..its all so much fun. Bartending is great because i get to socialize with people and i’m the life of the party =) I only bartend one day a week because between modeling and taking care of everyday tasks, i don’t have a ton of free time. Working at my bar is the most fun ive ever had at a job. I can do whatever i want the whole time lol. Its always a blast, i don’t even consider it work lol. I’m not sure if i will continue to bartend when i start school considering ill be a full time student and im going to want all my time off i can possibly get, but until then i’m still servin up the beers and laughs =D I love the football crowd we get on the weekends. We have over 20 flat screen tv’s with different games on almost all of them lol. In these pics im wearing my NFL Saints t-shirt. I have a bunch of different NFL team shirts on my wishlist. Purchase me one & ill send you a pic or two of me wearing it =)