Hey guys,

So this week I received my new 8 x 10 photos and some posters that I ordered!!  I think they came out pretty well!  Check them out:

I think the last 2 would make great wallpapers don’t you?! 

Ok so all the 8 x 10s are $15.00 each and the posters are $20.00 each, both are signed of course.  Or you can have 1 of each for only $30.00!!  This includes shipping to the US.  If you are outside the US let me know & I’ll give you a price for the shipping to your part of the world.  I’m thinking about getting a full 12 Month Wall Calender printed as well.  What do you guys think?  Good idea? 

If you want to purchase any of the above then just pop me an email at briana@brianaleeonline.com

I’ve also just signed up to abibids.com!!  It’s an auction site designed especially for adult models to sell all sorts of sexy items.  I’m going to be auctioning off some of the outfits that I’ve shot in for my site and also some sexy underwear of mine as well.  =)  So if you want to own a little piece of my life then keep your eyes peeled for that.  I’ll let you guys know when my account has been activated & I start my first auction on there!!  UPDATE:  Check out my first auction here:


Much love,

Bri xo