It’s Christmas day and i am here in Denver, CO with my sisters, brother in law & aunt. I have been having such a nice time here & will be sad to head home on Monday. Lola made best buds with my sisters cat Leo, its so cute. I will hate to have to separate the two lol. We’ve been doing so many fun activities together as a family, we usually do have the best time when we get together. I got some awesome presents this morning, I am so lucky and grateful! Big thank you to all my members who got me a lil something. You guys really put a smile on my face! Ive been cooking up a storm. Y’all know it’s one of my favorite hobbies, especially when i get to cook for a crowd. Christmas dinner is in the oven now, i will be taking some pics of that later =D Here are some pics of my trip in Denver thus far.