What a day! I felt pretty shitty yesterday so i postponed all my errands to today. That on top of all the baking & cooking made for one crazy Thanksgiving eve lol. The roads were full of traffic, everyone was in a hurry, the stores were jam packed with people scramming to buy last minute items ( myself being one lol) With all the people coming over tomorrow, i knew Lola would be utterly excited and super hyper so, i had to take her in to PetCo to get a nail trimming and filing. She’s still a puppy and tends to forget her manners with company, i don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting scratched to death lol. She was such a brat at the groomers, it took two employees to hold her little butt still. I wanted to take a video but i don’t think the ladies would’ve appreciated that so i just took some photos of the action. Such a drama queen haha. Later in the evening i did my baking. I had already been in the kitchen half the morning & was not looking forward making & cleaning more messes but i went about & made TONS of frosted, buttery sugar cookies. I also made a homemade cherry pie and two tubs of homemade whipped cream. They turned out super rich and fluffy. Cant wait to top my pie with it! I also bought a huge tub of vanilla icecream & some guests are bringing items so im guessing more desert among other things are on the way lol. Anyway, i gotta get to cleaning so i hope u enjoyed my little story & pics, i will take more tomorrow when the table is covered in tons of food. I’ll probably tweet those pics =D Happy thanksgiving everyone!!

Briana Lee