Your Thanksgiving of course =) Mine was really enjoyable, all the food turned out fabulous & there was plenty of it which is always a plus ( leftovers for days hehe ) Everyone was in a good mood and sat around to talk and eat for hours. It was pretty heart warming. I ate really slow all throughout the day so i wouldn’t get that¬†disgusting overly full feeling where you can’t move haha. We had more desert then anything. At least 8 different kinds of pies. I had some egg nog with my cherry pie =) I twittered a pic of our desert table, and a pic of me in a food coma, passed out on the couch lol. Its starting to get really cold here now, it actually snowed on Thanksgiving. The days are numbered for Lola playing outside. Her walks are going to become really short lol. I took her to the dog park recently and this giant Great Dane took a seriously liking to her. He followed her everywhere and really scared the shit out of her lol. He was a gentle giant but i’d be scared to of something 10x my size lol. Anyways, i’m pretty stoked for Xmas, i’m going to Colorado with my mom and brother to celebrate it at my oldest sisters’ house. Road trip!! I’m almost all done with my present shopping to, good feeling =) Make sure to follow me on twitter for lots of updates & pics..if u don’t have an account u should make one! ¬†