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Glamor Shots

Waddup fellas!! Good afternoon! MWAH!! Everyone have a good Memorial Day? I certainly did! Seriously one of the best bbq’s ever! But i did get a few mosquito bites which i already complained about in my cam show LMAO. Damn blood suckers! So a few weeks ago i had a shoot with Jim Weis of We did some fresh, sexy glamor shots and i wanted to share a few with you, my blog readers! There’s always so much going on with me so stay tuned for more blog updates & follow me on twitter if you don’t already! DON’T FORGET that i spoil u big time with exclusive super hot videos 10-12 minutes long when u buy me anything from my Amazon wishlist! Love you guys!

May Preview

Briana Lee May Topless Website Preview by caring259


Mini Golfin!

The other day i went to play some mini golf and hit up the batting cages! It was a lot of fun but i get so mad when i play if i don’t do good, i swear i’m the female Happy Gilmore. The weather here as been nuts! Super stormy and lots of tornado watches. My backyard fence literally blew away from such strong winds. Im really enjoying my time off from school at the moment but i’ll be excited when my summer classes start. You know i always stay busy and productive, i feel better when i have something to do lol! Come visit me on cam, i’m on almost every day in the afternoons =) ALSO if you play battlefield on XBOX my gamer tag is GoogleBrianaLee
I took some candids just for my blog readers! Enjoy


Some candid pics

I was hired to do a private shoot for this guy’s car. Around here a lot of men look to hire pretty models to shoot on their toys to show them off a lil better =D Here are a few pics from the shoot, some are on my facebook page as well. I thought id share them with you guys!! I’m feeling good & generous today! P.S. i have some pretty exciting stuff in store for my site…i am shooting another girl/girl photo set & video soon with a very lovely blond as well as releasing a BJ video to go a long with those HOT blowjob pics ive had up for sale for a while now. I have other really naughty videos you get when u buy me anything from my wishlist so don’t forget about those either! XOXO love Bri


Picture 613

Summer Is Officially Here!

First off…TGIF! Who doesn’t love Fridays =D Tuesday is my LAST day of the semester! It’s officially summer! As ive told you all in my cam shows i am registered for summer classes, only 2 though and i’m bartending as well as camming all summer so i will still be busy and productive! Time is money & i’m making the most of every day! =D Next semester i will have a bigger load then i did this semester, I will be a full time student for the next few years actually lol. All my members & supporters are so amazing! You guys help me out with my tuition whether you know it or not =) I will get my final grades back in a few weeks. Exciting! The weather here is getting HOT! Not so ideal for shooting outdoors anymore lol. I got a ton of positive feedback on my ironing photo set/video which i was super pleased to hear! I hope to catch up more with yall on cam..feel free to ask me anything in my shows, & dont be shy! I love talking to my fans. Check my site for my show schedule. XOXO yours truly, Bri

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April Preview Vid!

Picture 565

Sweet Sunday

Today is a sweet and sleepy Sunday afternoon! It’s been a long and busy week for me, i’m taking it easy around the house today doing some cleaning. I rearranged my whole room and got new
furniture! You guys will see it in my cam shows =) Lola had her
surgery a few days ago, she got her tubes tied and her nostrils snipped ( for better breathing) She is recovering pretty well but she still has to go back to get her stitches out. She’s such a sweet baby girl, i couldn’t ask for a better dog! I registered for two summer classes, they start in June. I can’t wait for summer!! I’ll see u guys on cam soon & we can catch up more ;)
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Easter Weekend!

TGIF ladies & gents! The weekend is here. It’s been such a long and busy week for me, i haven’t been sleeping well either ugh, BUT im glad it’s over and i can relax & enjoy the holiday weekend. I know i said it in my cam show but once again i want to wish you guys a happy Easter & i hope y’all have good eats and good times hehe. Ill be sure to tell you all about mine in next week’s member chat. Here’s some photos of me when i went out last weekend and here’s a sneak peak pic of an upcoming outdoor nudity photo set & video to be released only on my site! MWAH! Love, your favorite exotic girl next door, Bri

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Picture 528

Finals are coming!

Greetings! So if you were in my cam show last night then you know i had a hair appointment for a cut and color! =D I decided to go a more purple/red and got my layers trimmed up. I love it! very bright and fun for summer. I hope to shoot some sexy couch sets tomorrow for my site with my new hair! I just got home from school & decided to take a few pics for you guys because i know some of you were curious. How thoughtful huh? haha! Finals are coming up quick, i am bombarded with homework but i’m not stressing, i’m gonna take it one thing at a will all work out =) I’ll keep u guys posted in my weekly cam shows how everything is going with school, i feel like i can get more personal in my shows then here in my blog lol. Anywho…much much love and peace to you all!!
Luv Bri!!!
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Web cam caps!

What’s up guys! Hope everyone is having a kick ass weekend! It’s almost midnight here on a Saturday night & here i am thinking about my fans =) I wanted to write a blog for yall & include some updates and web cam caps of my last 4 shows! REMEMBER if you miss my live strip/chat 1 hour shows, they are archived to my site so you can watch at any time =D It’s a great feature. I can honestly say i have such a good time hanging out with u guys in my shows & really look forward to it weekly. I will be back on cam next week offering XXX private 1 on 1 shows ONLY on or if ordering a personalized custom video is more you style, u can do so by emailing
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